What Is Whiscash Weak Against?

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What Is Whiscash Weak Against?

In the world of Pokémon battles and strategies, understanding type advantages and weaknesses is crucial for success. Whiscash, a Water/Ground-type Pokémon, possesses unique strengths and weaknesses that impact its effectiveness in battles. To optimize strategies when facing or using Whiscash, it’s essential to comprehend its vulnerabilities and capitalize on its strengths.

Whiscash’s Type And Vulnerabilities:

As a Water/Ground-type Pokémon, Whiscash boasts resilience against several types of attacks while also being susceptible to specific types due to its dual typing. Let’s explore the weaknesses that trainers can exploit when facing a Whiscash:


  • Grass-type Moves: Whiscash’s Ground typing makes it particularly vulnerable to Grass-type moves. Attacks like Solar Beam, Energy Ball, or Grass Knot can deal super-effective damage to Whiscash, exploiting its weakness to this type.
  • Ice-type Moves: Ice-type moves also pose a threat to Whiscash. Attacks such as Ice Beam, Blizzard, or Ice Punch can exploit its Ground typing and deal considerable damage.

Strategies Against Whiscash:

When strategizing against a Whiscash in battle, trainers can leverage its weaknesses to Grass and Ice-type moves. Pokémon with these move sets can deal significant damage to Whiscash and potentially secure an advantage in the battle.

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Whiscash’s Strengths:

Conversely, Whiscash boasts impressive strengths against various types due to its Water/Ground typing:

  • Electric Immunity: Whiscash’s Ground typing grants it immunity to Electric-type moves, rendering these attacks ineffective against it. This immunity can be advantageous when facing Electric-type opponents.
  • Resistance to Rock and Poison: Its Ground typing also provides resistance against Rock and Poison-type moves, reducing the damage received from attacks of these types.


Understanding a Pokémon’s type advantages and weaknesses, such as those of Whiscash, is integral to developing effective battle strategies. While Whiscash has notable vulnerabilities to Grass and Ice-type moves due to its dual Water/Ground typing, its strengths against Electric, Rock, and Poison-types can be leveraged in battles to gain an upper hand.

Trainers aiming to counter Whiscash can exploit its weaknesses by employing Grass or Ice-type Pokémon or moves. Meanwhile, those utilizing Whiscash can capitalize on its strengths to counter opponents and ensure a formidable performance in battles. Mastering type matchups and tailoring strategies accordingly is key to becoming a successful Pokémon trainer in the dynamic and diverse world of battles.


What Are Whiscash Attacks?

It is extremely protective of its territory. If any foe approaches, it attacks using vicious tremors.

What Is Super Effective Against Whiscash?

The best Pokemon Go Whiscash counters are Mega Sceptile, Kartana, Shadow Sceptile, Shadow Exeggutor, Mega Venusaur & Shadow Venusaur.

What Is Whiscash 4x Weakness?

-Whiscash is 4X as weak to Grass as opposed to the regular 2X.

What Raid Is Whiscash Weak Against?

In a raid battle Whiscash is vulnerable to Water, Grass, Ice type moves and weaker to below Pokémon. Use these Pokémon with suggested effective moves to defeat Whiscash Raid Boss easily in a Tier 3 raid.

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