What Is In Pooph?

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The world of science and biology often delves into realms that might make us raise an eyebrow or even crinkle our nose. Yet, among the various curious subjects, the inquiry into the contents of poop, or “pooph” as you call it, is an oddly fascinating and important one.

What Is In Pooph?

Pooph, the colloquial term for feces or stool, is the waste material eliminated from the digestive tract. It’s the product of the body’s complex digestive process that begins when food enters the mouth and concludes as waste exits the body.

What Makes Up Pooph?

Contrary to what some might think, pooph is not just a pile of waste. It’s a diverse mixture composed of several elements:

  • Water: Around 75% of pooph is water. This percentage can vary depending on various factors, such as a person’s hydration level and diet.
  • Bacteria: Believe it or not, around 30% of the dry weight of poop consists of bacteria. These bacteria play a vital role in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut.
  • Fiber: Roughage or dietary fiber that isn’t absorbed in the small intestine passes into the colon and contributes significantly to the bulk of pooph. It’s what helps maintain healthy bowel movements and aids in digestion.
  • Cellular waste: Dead cells from the lining of the intestines, along with other waste materials from the body, make their way into the digestive tract and contribute to the composition of pooph.
  • Undigested food: Sometimes, elements of food that haven’t been fully digested, like corn or certain types of seeds, can be found in poop.
  • Bilirubin: This is a pigment derived from the breakdown of red blood cells. It’s what gives poop its brown color.

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The Importance Of Pooph

Beyond its initial ‘yuck’ factor, poop plays a crucial role in our health. It serves as a window into our digestive health and can signal potential issues or imbalances. Changes in color, consistency, or frequency can indicate anything from dietary problems to infections or even more serious conditions.

Furthermore, research has shown that analyzing pooph can help in understanding gut health and aid in the diagnosis of certain diseases or conditions. The study of pooph, known as “fecal analysis” or “stool examination,” has become an important tool in medicine.


While pooph might not be the most glamorous or pleasant subject, it’s undoubtedly an essential aspect of our health and biology. Understanding what goes into it and paying attention to its characteristics can offer valuable insights into our well-being.

So, the next time you flush and bid adieu to your “pooph,” perhaps take a moment to appreciate its hidden significance—it’s more than just waste; it’s a snapshot of your health!


What Is The Ingredients In Pooph Spray?

Water, Surfactants, Patented Odor Eliminator Blend.

How Does Pooph Work Scientifically?

Our secret formula is a blend of micro nutrients that when sprayed on stinky things, breaks down the molecular bond creating the odor. Yes, it TASTES and SMELLS like water (please don’t drink it) but it is NOT water.

Is Pooph Safe On Human Skin?

YES! Pooph is completely non-toxic and safe to use around people (of all ages!), pets, plants, and the planet.

Which Is Better Zero Odor Or Pooph?

I just received my order a couple of days ago and I’ve used all the places I was using Zero Odor. This stuff seems to work better than Zero Odor. I like the fact that Pooph has no smell of its own. I’ve used it on furniture, rugs, kitchen trash can, and sprayed it into the air in my home just for general odor control.

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