What Is An Ephah?

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What Is An Ephah?

The term “Ephah” holds profound historical and biblical significance, serving as a unit of measurement and playing a role in various cultural contexts. This article aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Ephah, exploring its biblical roots, practical applications, and symbolic meaning.

What Is An Ephah In The Bible:

Delving into the biblical context, this section provides an in-depth exploration of the Ephah’s appearance in the Bible. Highlighting key verses and references, it establishes the foundational role of the Ephah in biblical narratives.

What Is An Ephah Equal To:

Understanding the value of an Ephah is crucial for comprehending its practical applications. This section explores the equivalencies and measurements associated with the Ephah, shedding light on its quantitative significance.

What Is An Ephah Of Grain:

The Ephah’s association with grain is a prevalent theme in historical contexts. This section investigates the role of the Ephah in measuring and trading grain, showcasing its practical utility in agricultural economies.

What Is One Tenth Of An Ephah:

Breaking down the Ephah into fractions, particularly one-tenth, holds cultural and religious importance. This section explores the significance of one-tenth of an Ephah and its implications in various rituals and offerings.

How To Pronounce Ephah:

Correct pronunciation is essential for clear communication. This section provides a guide on how to pronounce “Ephah,” ensuring accuracy in discussions and readings.

Ephah Photos:

Visual aids enhance understanding. This section incorporates images or illustrations of Ephahs, offering readers a visual reference to complement their knowledge.

Ephah Of Flour:

Beyond grains, the Ephah’s connection to flour adds another layer of significance. This section explores the role of the Ephah in measuring flour, providing insights into culinary and ritualistic practices.

What Is The Ephah In Zechariah 5:

Zechariah 5 introduces a specific context for the Ephah. This section examines the symbolism and interpretation of the Ephah in the context of Zechariah 5, unraveling its prophetic and metaphorical dimensions.

What Does An Ephah Look Like:

Visualizing the physical appearance of an Ephah contributes to a holistic understanding. This section describes the typical appearance of an Ephah, considering historical depictions and archaeological findings.

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Tenth Of An Ephah:

Further exploring the significance of fractions, this section delves into the cultural and religious importance of a tenth of an Ephah, unraveling its role in rituals, offerings, and historical practices.

Ephah Meaning And Pronunciation:

Expanding on the linguistic aspects, this section delves into the etymology of the term “Ephah,” exploring its meaning and linguistic roots. Additionally, it reiterates the correct pronunciation for clarity.

Ephah Of Barley:

Barley holds specific importance in biblical and historical contexts. This section examines the significance of the Ephah when applied to barley, uncovering its role in agricultural and ritualistic practices.


In conclusion, the Ephah emerges as a multifaceted and culturally rich concept with deep roots in biblical narratives and practical applications. Understanding its measurements, biblical references, and cultural significance provides a nuanced perspective on its enduring importance throughout history. The Ephah stands not only as a unit of measurement but also as a symbol laden with meaning, inviting individuals to explore its diverse dimensions and appreciate its role in shaping cultural, religious, and agricultural practices.


What’s An Ephah In The Bible?

a Hebrew unit of dry measure, equal to about a bushel (35 liters

What Is An Ephah Equivalent To?

An ephah was a dry measure equal to ten omers (Exodus 16:36) or to one tenth of a homer. The ephah corresponded to the liquid bath measure & is therefore reckoned at 22 Litres.

How Much Is An Ephah In Bible Times?

An ephah was a dry measurement equivalent to one bath liquid measurement and 1/10 of an omer. This was roughly 5 gallons or 22 liters.

What Size Is An Ephah?

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia (1906), an ephah was defined as being 72 logs, and the Log was equal to the Sumerian mina, which was itself defined as one sixtieth of a maris; the omer was thus equal to about 12⁄100 of a maris.

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