What Is A Tea Pet?

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In the serene world of tea culture, where rituals and traditions blend harmoniously, there exists a delightful and often overlooked companion: the tea pet. These small, whimsical figurines play an endearing role in the art of tea drinking, adding a touch of charm, history, and camaraderie to the tea ceremony. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of tea pets, their significance, and their place in the hearts of tea enthusiasts.

What Is A Tea Pet?

A tea pet, also known as a tea pet friend, is a small clay figurine crafted in various shapes and forms, ranging from animals like dragons, turtles, and frogs to mythical creatures or traditional symbols. These figurines are typically made from Yixing clay, revered for its porous nature, which allows it to absorb tea liquor over time.

Significance And Purpose:

Tea pets serve both aesthetic and functional purposes within the realm of tea ceremonies:

  • Companionship: Tea pets are seen as companions to tea drinkers, sharing the journey of each tea session. They often become cherished objects, fostering a sense of connection and companionship.
  • Symbolism and Tradition: Different tea pets hold cultural significance and symbolism. For instance, dragons symbolize power and strength, while turtles represent longevity and wisdom. These symbols add depth and meaning to the tea-drinking experience.
  • Caring and Ritual: Tea pets are “nurtured” during tea ceremonies. Tea drinkers pour the brewed tea over the figurine, which not only cleanses the pet but also gradually changes its color, creating a patina over time.

Caring For Tea Pets:

Tea pet care is an integral part of the ritual. As tea pets absorb tea liquor, they develop a patina unique to each pet, symbolizing the passage of time and the shared moments spent during tea sessions. Proper care involves rinsing the pet with brewed tea during ceremonies and gently wiping it afterward to maintain its appearance and absorbency.

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Embracing Tea Pet Culture:

Tea pet culture extends beyond the act of using figurines during tea ceremonies. Collectors often seek unique and handcrafted tea pets, valuing the craftsmanship and individuality of each piece. Some tea enthusiasts even create their own tea pets, infusing personal meaning into their designs.


Tea pets, with their quiet presence and symbolic significance, add a whimsical and personal touch to the ancient art of tea drinking. Beyond their decorative appeal, these small clay companions embody tradition, companionship, and the passage of time within the serene ambiance of a tea ceremony. As tea enthusiasts embrace the ritualistic care and symbolism of these cherished figurines, the tradition of tea pets continues to thrive, weaving itself into the fabric of tea culture, one brew at a time.


What Is The Point Of A Tea Pet?

A tea pet is a drinking buddy, usually made out of a clay (ideally purple clay) that can develop a patina from both the oils in tea and the action of pouring tea on to it. The repeated rubbing and friction on the tea pet helps build the patina, almost like a long-term polish.

Do You Pour Tea On A Tea Pet?

A tea pet is typically placed on a tea tray and has tea poured over it during tea time.

What Does It Mean To Have A Pig As A Tea Pet?

Pig – the pig is a symbol of good luck and fortune. Pig tea pets are usually shown to be very jolly and plump, both signifying good fortune. Pigs also represent the home. They bring a very cozy and comforting vibe to the tea table, and they’re just so cute.

How Do You Raise A Tea Pet?

The best way to raise a tea pet is to brush it with the fresh tea you are drinking. You can also pour tea on it, as long as it is freshly made. 2. Only use one kind of tea to pour on a tea pet, rather than many kinds.

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